TACFIT Commando Program Helps You Stay Strong and Ready For Any Mission

What is TACFIT Commando Program?

TACFIT Commando is a tactical training program based on actual programs “Flow Coach” Scott Sonnon (a Navy SEAL veteran) is implementing to train Israeli counter-terrorism, SEALs and secret service, American special ops personnel, bodyguards to the Italian PM, US federal agents, freshmen, law enforcement agencies and MMA fighters. It is indeed the secret weapon of Special Operations personnel all over the world and an ideal bodyweight fitness system that helps you increase strength, stamina, performance and recovery from exertion (Injury prevention techniques are also covered in this program). Meanwhile, you can build muscle and burn fat during your training.

tacfit commando 3Let’s have a closer look at what’s inside TACFIT!

  • TACFIT-The Basic Package
  • TACFIT Commando Mission Brief Manual (119 pages)
  • TACFIT Commando Mission Calendar
  • Video Mission Briefing Instructional Library
  • Secret Recovery Techniques of the Special Ops Video Series
  • TACFIT Commando Deluxe Deployment Kit
  • Follow-Along Mission Simulation Videos
  • Rapid Recovery & Breathing Secrets of the Spec Ops
  • The Tactical Readiness Diet Plan
  • The Warrior Recipes eBook
  • Deluxe Component #5: “In the Field” Downloadable DVD

buy 11TACFIT Commando Program-Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Two editions of TACFIT: The Basic package ($137) and the Deluxe package (197)
  • A comprehensive training program that includes high-intensity fat-burning circuits, complex skills development, real tactical applications, low-intensity mobility exercises that accelerate your recovery, and functional muscle.
  • A program accepted by tactical operators. The program has three outstanding features (portability- operatives can train anywhere and anytime, efficiency-tactical responders are constantly “operational’, tactical relevance-exercise for exercise sake/ the conditioning program contributes to tactical skills)
  • No shipping costs, no waiting for the physical product to arrive. As a downloadable multimedia program, TACFIT can be downloaded immediately to your computer after you order the product.
  • Workouts based on Coach Sonnon’s 6 Degrees of freedom Model: heaving, swaying, surging, pitching, yawing, and rolling. Training in 6-Degrees allows your body to stay balanced. Each workout is broken into 3 different levels of movement sophistication-the beginning level (for the overweight, inactive, inexperienced, or new to bodyweight exercise) and the upper levels (for elite athletes and experienced combat operators)
  • Fun and effectiveness during your training. Instead of working with boring cardio machines, you can burn more fat with TACFIT-style metabolic conditioning other than with moderate intensity “cardio” training.
  • Unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee.

tacfit commando 8Disadvantage

Provided that you are determined to better yourself, this program will work for you. However, TACFIT is not for everyone. If you are too old or too young, too stiff or too inflexible, or overweight, you should not use this program. If you are a runner, you are not a tactical responder and if you just want to build a hot body, this program is not the right choice for you. Consider purchasing this program carefully!

tacfit commando 5 tacfit commando 4 tacfit commando 6Final Verdict

TACFIT is worth trying! Thanks to TACFIT Commando program, you can bid a farewell to mundane fitness programs that exhaust you. TACFIT keeps you motivated, balanced and ready to undertake any mission.

tacfit commando 1buy 11


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