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How To Make Amazing Hip Hop and Electronic Music with BTV Solo Program

Learn How To Make Amazing Hip Hop and Electronic Sound with BTV Solo Program

In the article, I am glad to introduce you a wonderful music production software, BTV Solo. There are 4 main parts below to make you clearer:

  1. What is BTV Solo?
  2. How BTVSolo Works?
  3. How Much Does It Cost To Get Start?
  4. Is It Guaranteed That BTV Solo Works?
  5. Does BTV Solo Give You Any Supports? 


What is BTV Solo?

BTVSolo is a music production software, which creates any music products, especially hip hop and electronic music products. It will turn your computer into a beat thang. BTV Solo is introduced by Dallas Austin, a famous beat thang ambassador and co-creator. He also has 2 Grammy Winning Producer and songwriter of Michael Jackson, Madonna, mix their voice and son on. BTV Solo inspires everyone to become a music producer, who want to be a professional producer or song writer but did not have any equipment. It is everything you need basically to start your dream or your career. With BTV Solo, even though you have no any experience, you can still become a professional in producing hip hop or electronic music. This innovation is now available on the market and you can easily own one.

BTV Solo has been sold worldwide in 23 countries and now on. This is considered as one of the greatest inventions in music. Only using your computer keyboard, you can easily and quickly make professional music.


How BTVSolo Works?

With BTV Solo, you have everything you need to become a professional producer, all amazing hip hop and electronic music can be created. You can sort full songs on BTV Solo without using any other virtual instruments or drums. Due to BTV features:

  • It is used as the same function of a computer keyboard.
  • It can integrate with Mac or PC computers.
  • It has more than 1,000 professional engineered-loaded sounds from engineers at BKE and Grammy-winner Dallas Austin.
  • Its storage can be over 100 professionally made tracks, professionally designed drum kits or premium electronic and acoustic instruments.
  • It supports a built-in mixer for adjusting volume, panning, effects, frequency and so on.
  • You can reach an onboard effects rack with over 60 effects including phasers, flangers, pitch-shiffers and more.


BTV Solo provides you the best feature of a beat making software:

  • Fast and Easy navigation, Shortcuts and Triggers.
  • Quantize, Record modes, Swings and Bar Structures.
  • Autochop, Editing and Mixing Beats
  • Effects, Delay and Reverbs.
  • Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release.
  • Precise Kit Building and Keyspanning.
  • Pitch, Pan, Cutoff, and Resonance per Sound.
  • Custom Kit Build and Instrument Mode.
  • Efficient and Smart Song mode.
  • On-Board quick effects and Mastering Kit.
  • Modulation and Pitch Wheels. 


BTV Solo will satisfy the customer with Confident Performance. It is designed a modern appearance including Hook up MIDI pad controllers. It can create live remixes and mashups with live muting and soloing tracks. It actually sounds like a professional.

“If you’re not a professional already, and you want to be more professional, or if you’re just getting started – then BTV Solo is your choice.”


How Much Does It Cost To Get Start?

With only $39.95, you had owned BTV Solo and made your hot tracks right now. You can choose the suitable operating systems (PC or Mac install) to get start. The producer guarantees the efficiency of the products. You can get 100% your money back without any questions, if you are not satisfied with the software in 60 days.


Is It Guaranteed That BTV Solo Works?

BTV Solo is one of the most modern and efficient innovation of music products in the world. It has been on sale in more than 23 countries and highly valued by lots of famous industries in the world.

Jon Platt. Vice President of EMI Music Publishing, said: “If Dallas is involved, it’s gotta be good.”

Tricky Stewart, a famous producer, contributed in Grammy song of Beyoncé -“Singer Ladies” or Rihanna -“Umbrella”, Ludacris, Mary J Blige, Katy Perry, commented: “One of the greatest inventions in music. The functionality of it is really great. I think it’s laid out very well for a producer.”

Satisfaction Guaranteed Blue

Does BTV Solo Give You Any Supports?

When choosing BTV Solo, you also get the Free Video Training Turn You PRO. In these video, you will find out how to practice the basic steps and advanced production techniques. You can receive the theory, beat structure, genres types, effects and much more.

Besides, the more special bonuses from the producer are now on available:

  • BTS Solo Software
  • MIDI Addon
  • Extra Sample Kits
  • Professional Training
  • Unlimited Access

Take the chance right now and make some moves tonight.



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